The Skylar was designed to fully encompass the Michael Kors attitudes of Sporty, Sexy & Glam. The oversized 'boyfriend' size and sub-second eye add the touch of sport, the full-romans and curved body of the case bring the sexiness, and the steep-set, trapezium-cut baguettes on the topring give it the full feeling of glam. The Skylar, introduced in Holiday 2013, continues to be extended, updated, and featured in Michael Kors advertising campaigns and by fashion bloggers. 

Study of Existing Product and DNA

The Skylar combined the feminine look and t-bar construction of one of Michael Kors top styles, the Parker, with the glamorous, sexy boldness and detailing from the much-loved Camille watch. 



The Michael Kors girl should be able to throw her Skylar on with any outfit for a touch of glamour. This watch should spice up a white-tee look or complete a night-out dress. Bringing these emotions together with the details of sharply-pleated dresses and beautiful jewelry-set stones the Skylar came to life.  


The steep-set trapezium-cut crystal topring is the Skylar's stand out feature that makes it stand apart from all the rest. The t-bar lug construction allows this unique topring to shine and stand out without any distraction. The H-link  brings the final touch of sporty glamour. 


Illustrator Art Exploration 

Detailed form and dial exploration in illustrator. The romans, fan texture and sub-second eye bring the whole look together with a final bit of glamour and sophistication.

One alternative dial concept was later used on the Michael Kors Cooper. 

One alternative dial concept was later used on the Michael Kors Cooper. 


The Skylar became the Michael Kors watch focus of many of their advertising campaigns and featured by many blogs and retailers. 

Line Extensions 

Since being introduced with the Holiday 2013 line, the Skylar has continued to be extended and updated. In Holiday 2014, the mini size was introduced.